Make life easy and never lose anything!

Simply attach the Follow Fast® Beacon to all the stuff you want to keep close to you (eg your keys, wallet, back-pack, camera ...). If you get out of range of that item you will get a warning. If you lost it you can locate it. 
You can also use it to find your phone! That's right - your phone can find your stuff and your stuff can find your phone. Target is to keep your belongings close to your smartphone.
The beacon is using Bluetooth 4.0.

You can use itrack app (iphone & android) or follow fast (android)


Find your belongings - separation alert

Losing your phone, wallet, keys, portable ....has an annoying impact on your life: contact lists, emails, photos, replacing cards & keys .... you name it. Follow Fast ® is designed to help you.. Keep hold of your belongings and get a warning when your stuff is disconnected !
If you were to lose the object that Follow Fast is attached to, you can go to its last known location and start searching. 
Helping you to find it back!

Find your smartphone

Press the button on the beacon and you phone will play a nice tune even if it's on silent. Finding your phone has never been easier.

Location finder

Fix a location and find your way back. Making maps now so much more easy to use.

Why Follow Fast © Beacon?

Excellent battery

Battery life: max 1 year (depending on use). Our battery can be easily replaced (extra battery included!)

Outstanding design

It's small, looks great and the perfect size. You will carry it without knowing. It's perfect to fix to your keys, put in your wallet, fix on your portable, hang on your luggage ...


Excellent components

The core components of our beacon are made in the US. We did not compromise on quality.

  • Chip: This is the one of the latest IOT (Internet of Things) chips of Texas Instruments
  • Buzzer: Our beacon is using the excellent Piëzo buzzer. Considered as the best in the market. Ringer volume > 90 db

Water resistant

You cannot submerge the beacon but a rain or so will do no harm. Perfect for daily use. 

Follow Fast © Beacon in action: