Step 1: How do trackers define their exact position?
The trackers are using the satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide location information.
This network of 24 satellites was originally put in place by the US Department of Defense for military operations, but has since been made available for civilian use.
GPS satellites orbit the earth twice daily and transmit signals back to the millions of GPS receivers here on Earth. These receivers use a technique known as triangulation to calculate the receiver user’s exact location.
When the position is known, the tracker can then calculate other statistics such as speed, route, distance to destination, and more.
Step 2: How can a tracker communicate his position to our server?
The tracker can transmit the collected GPS coordinates via two technologies:
  • A cellular network. In that case the communication happens via SMS. For this to work you do not need an internet connection. Also when used abroad this is cheap as you will have to pay no roaming charges (only the sms tariff applicable in that country)
  • GPRS. This works via an internet connection. As you do not have everywhere wifi this is not so useful for trackers. Also when using abroad this will be much more expensive due to the roaming charges. 
Step 3: How is our server proving you the updates?
The server decodes and decrypts the data before storing it. To consult the data a user has two modes:
  • Passive: You consult the data once your iPhone is connected to wifi. Via GPRS the data from our server will be downloaded.
  • Active tracking: This is real online tracking via your smartphone. In order to receive real time updates on your smartphone it needs to be activated for 3G or 4G.
What is the difference with track & trace systems?
Track & trace systems offer mainly professional platforms to trace business fleets.  It's also more expensive.
Our main differentiator is that next to online tracking we also offer alarm functions! Not only can you see on an app or web platform at any moment where your car is but you can also activate alarms! To protect your valuable vehicles this is the best protection!
Can we track multiple vehicles with your solution?
Yes this is possible. Both in the app and our web platform you can follow different  trackers.
In the web platform you can also run statistics and export them to excel. At month end you will have an excellent overview of the activity of the different trackers. And moreover you can secure these vehicles when needed with the alarm function
What are the main functions?
1.  Find your car back at any moment. Click in the app and you will see the real time position.
2. Get a warning when your car, old-timer, boat, caravan, mobilhome, trailer ...feels a shock/vibration or starts moving
4. Get an overview of the history of movements: both in app and on web platform
5. Consult useful statistics on our web platform and export them to excel.
What is the default working modus?
  • By default data is uploaded every 5 minutes to the server. This means that every 5 minutes the app and website will be updated. If you want a faster and immediate update you can request this via the app. We will explain in more detail in this manual how this works.
  • When the trackers stops for over 5 minutes it will switch automatically to sleeping mode. In this mode, the power consumption is 4mah/h only.  
  • It’s untraceable when in sleep modus (= when the vehicle is not moving). In that case it turns off GSM/GPRS. This prevents a potential car thief to detect the tracker with special equipment like GSM detectors.
  • When the tracker starts moving again, it will automatically turn on and gather GPS data. The tracker also wakes up if it get’s a command or a call.
  • If someone removes your GPS tracker from a metallic surface the “Removal alarm” will be activate automatically and you will get first an SMS and afterwards a direct call.
How secure is your vehicle with alarms (shock & move) activated?
Very secure
  • When the tracker is in sleeping modus (e.g. car not moving) the tracker cannot be detected via special equipment like GPS detectors.
  • The flexible installation allows you to hide the tracker well: e.g. inside a vehicle or below the vehicle attached to a metal part (via the strong magnets). In case the tracker is found and removed from the metal part you will get an SMS and a direct call. In that case you need to take action. The alarm will indicate it’s a removal alert.
  • In case the tracker is not found it will alert you when:
    • It feels any vibration = the shock alert. If someone starts your vehicle the tracker will forward you a sms every 10 minutes.
    • In case the car moves > 100 m the move alarm will be activated and you get a direct call! In that case you can start following your car via the app or web-platform. The location is forwarded every 5 min but you can also get immediate location updates. So you will be able to follow your vehicle and alert the police.
Above is probably the perfect protection for stationary vehicles like old-timers, caravans, Mobil homes…. Or when your car is parked in a dangerous spot.  Please note that the full protection will require 4 SMS (2 SMS confirmations and 2 SMS deactivation). 
In day to day use it’s probably best to use only 1 alarm (vibration or move alert). This will only use two SMS messages (to activate and deactivate if nothing happened).
Can your tracker forward warnings/alarms?
Yes our tracking systems are equipped with optional alerts that can be configured to send text messages or emails based on certain events such as geofence violations, exceeding speed limits, and other types of activities.
Why should I buy it?
To protect and follow your valuable vehicles. Many cars, oldtimers, mobil-homes, boats, caravans.... get still get stolen.
In following German article they explain that more and more oldtimers get stolen. No surprise given the increase in value over the last years!
You can also have a look at the statistics in different European countries: You will feel more secure/relaxed with a Follow Fast car tracker installed. At any time you can see where your asset is and you receive warnings when something happens.
What is the impact of GPS jammers on a car tracker?
With a GPS jammer you can disturb a GPS signal. These jammers are illegal and cannot be sold in Europe. On the black market, they can be found of course ..
These come in various sizes from small to large jammers jammers that are used in the army and which can put an entire area without GPS or phone.

Professional thieves usually have compact jammers. They install a GPS jammer into the car to block the internal GPS car system = for tracing systems that are installed by the manufacturer.

See examples below.

As you can see a rather limited radius. Mainly effective to disturb the GPS of the car. We cold not test to which extend it will interfere if your Follow Fast car tracer is outside and eg fixed below the car.

I am of the opinion that if the tracker is somewhere hanging under the car it is not easy to jam it permanently. Occasionally there will be a GPS location that can escape the jamming. With a heavy installation it might succeed but in that case the bad guys also take quite a big risk since there are high fines in this jamming and jammers are also detectable.

Even if they can interfere with the signal the tracker might from time to time still be able to send a signal.  And of course the different shock and move alarms will continue working. You will at least know very fast something is wrong. 

A 100% protection does not exist in this world. But by the vast majority of thieves you still have a chance. 

A GPS tracker also gives peace of mind. If I'm somewhere in an unknown area I can always verify the app and make sure my car is still there, that I have not received alarms etc ... It makes you feel close to your car and will allow you to act fast when something happens.

Effective jamming coverage (radius): 2-8m

According to the specs up to 20 meters