Secure & follow your vehicles with a state of the art car tracker

This tracker has great specifications and can be easily controlled via an app. It can be used to secure almost everything. You can view immediately where your vehicle is and also activate alarms: eg a move alarm so that you get a direct call when your vehicle moves.
The perfect solution to secure your valuable assets! For the installation of the SIM, we provide clear instructions and for any problem we are there to help. We have never sold a tracker that does not work.

We will link your tracker to two apps:
from iOS 5.1
Link (LKGPS2)
Quote: 4+ / 5
from Android 4
Link (LKGPS2)
Quote: 4.8 / 5

Lifetime use of servers & app included!


The majority of trackers have complicated software. Our mission is to make tracking easy and affordable. With our easy to use app everyone can enjoy the benefit of securing their most valuable assets. 
When the vehicle is moving our tracker is updating his location every 5 min to the tracker. With real time tracking you can see at any moment where the tracker is. Use the app to locate anywhere your vehicle!

Get alarm notifications

In order to secure your assets our tracker has multiple alarms:

  • Move alert: When you valuable asset moves you will get an alert. Example: when your old-timer or caravan moves you will get an sms/notification and a call! 
  • Shock alert: When the tracker detect a shock or movement an sms/notification will be forwarded.
  • Speed alert: When your car goes above a certain speed you can get an alert. Useful if you borrow your car to someone so you can control they stay within limits..
  • Other alarms for SOS, low power

Find your way to tracker

You can activate online tracking and find your way to the exact location of your tracker.
This is very easy with the app.  At any moment you can see where your vehicle is!

History locations & reporting

You can trace back the history of movements in the app. You can also consult a web-platform for detailed statistics. These statistics can be very useful if you need to prove milage eg for tax reasons.



In order to communicate with the smartphone the car tracker needs a SIM card.  For privacy reasons you need to order this SIM yourself.  Please note that a SIM always needs to be registered in Belgium: both prepaid and subscription based. An anonymous SIM is not allowed anymore. We provide clear guidelines on how to install and configure the SIM for it's first use. And in case of any problems we will help you.


 You are free to select your provider. We ourselves do not charge monthly fees. 

Product features

Powerful Battery-10.000 Mah

Our most powerful tracker has a high capacity battery. This allows a standby time of around 100 days or > 3 months. If used every day frequently and tracking is always on it will last 2 to 4 weeks. If battery get's empty you will get an sms warning to charge. To save battery you can put tracker in sleeping modus.

Stealth mode

You cannot trace our tracker in sleep modus as it turns off  gprs and gps. This means that in sleep modus car thiefs can’t detect the device with special equipment like GSM detectors.

Official certifications

Easy to install with strong magnets

Can be put in your car or firmly attached under your car in just 5 sec due to 6 powerful build-in magnets. Pull capacity of 20 kg.

No cables

As ease of use is in our DNA we wanted a tracker that is hassle free. No struggle with cables, difficult connections, OSB ports etc... Just attach it to your beloved vehicle and secure it!

Excellent chip

The CHIP is produced by U-Blox. A swiss company that makes one of the best GPS chips available. 

Remote tracking

Via the app and the online platform.

IPX-5 waterproof

Working temperature is from -20° to 55°

Low usage costs

The tracker consumes about 5 to 10 Mb per month: This is 1 € for GPS positioning. In addition, some usage for SMS / phone. Therefore, we estimate the monthly cost at about 2 to 3 euro. Many other trackers have expensive monthly data options. We offer the most cost effective solution on the market.

Follow Fast in action

Simply confirm the tracker under your car. Hide him

Hide the tracker in your moto

See history of displacements of your van. Set a motion alarm.

Fix a tracker on the door of your food truck. Get an sms or call in case of movement. Follow Fast if stolen.

An interesting video about car theft ... It's useful to have a tracker