Stay connected with all members of your family!

You are not yet ready to give your kids a smartphone? You want an emergency solution when their phone is empty? With our cool watch you can always, see on your smartphone, your kids exact location. You can also call the watch directly and send voice messages to the watch.

It's also a great solution for elderly care.
Example: People
 with Alzheimer’s or dementia might get into unsafe situations. 
They often prepare a simple solution as smartphones are often complex to use.

Test results:


Test by Engineering and Technology (okt 2016): Link
"In all, we were impressed with the Gator. It represents good value for money"


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"The Caref GPS Phone Watch is one of the best values on the GPS tracker market because it has exceptional features and is affordable"

from iOS 6

from Android 4

Lifetime use of servers & app included!

Precise GPS tracking - 3 positioning levels

The watch uses an advanced GPS monitoring on 3 levels:

  • GPS: When there is GPS signal it will take this one as priority.
  • Wifi: If no GPS it will first use wifi location. This is a brand-new technology. Very few watches these days can handle this.
  • LBS: If no Wifi it will switch to the nearest GPS tower. This gives an indication but is not very precise. As soon as GPS or Wifi is captured it will switch to a more precise location.

Call & Voice messages

Be always close to your kids or people you love!  From your smartphone  you can call the watch or leave voice messages:

  • You can control who your child can contact or who can leave voice messages.
  • You can call the watch from the whitelist number. 
  • You can activate a special "stealth modus" to listen to the surroundings.

Your child notices at school it forgot something important (eg his food). It can give you a direct call or leave a voice mail message (see picture left). You can play the message on your phone and return a voice mail message. The child can listen when it's ok.

History Playback

Check where your children have been. All data is stored on the server.

Activate SOS

When pressed, the SOS button an alert to your app and will call a a list of phone numbers. if the first number does not answer it automatically calls the next.

Safe zones

You can set safe zones in the app. When a safe zone is set, the watch triggers an SOS alert if the wearer walks outside a pre-programmed safe zone. This can be very useful for kids or elderly people with dementia.

No monthly fixed costs

In order to communicate with the smartphone the car tracker needs a SIM card.  You have two options:
  • You use a prepaid sim. In that case you have to charge extra money when the saldo is used. Most mobile providers have a solution to verify the saldo online.
  • You take a SIM with a subscription. This is very easy as you do not have to verify the saldo etc... In that case best to take a provider that works with a "pay as you go" formula. In that case you will also receive a monthly invoice etc...
But to you to decide what is the best formule. In any case you remain in control of the costs and are not bound to an expensive monthly contract.  We offer the most cost-effective solution in the market to use your tracker. 

Product features

Battery life

The battery will last for 4 days depending on the use.  This is best in class performance for a GPS watch. The watch is consuming energy because the GPS watch is constantly receiving and transmitting GPS data throughout the day. When the battery get's empty you will get a warning via the app.  It's very easy to charge via a USB connection (connect to your computer or electricity outlet).

Excellent chip

The GPS and gsm modules are integrated in a small chipset, which enables the Caref watch to become one of the thinnest gps watches in the market. 
The CHIP is produced by Mediatec.  A swiss company that makes one of the best GPS chips available.

Official certifications

IP 67

Your child can wear their watch in a play environment. Rain or washing hands etc do no harm. The watch is water proof until 30 cm. This means you cannot use it to swim.  Reason are all the integrated technology and the SIM card. Waterproof level is an excellent IP 67. .