A very small nano tracker for all your valuables

We tested many small trackers. Next to size we also consider battery life and easy of charging as very important. The tracker we selected has a standby time of 4 days and can easily be charged via USB.  These are excellent specifications for one of the smallest GPS trackers in the world.
This tracker can secure multiple items. See examples below.
We also refer to the pages on the dog and bicycle tracker. The settings for each application are a bit different but it's the same tracker. A very flexible solution.
For more information on your needs please contact us.


  • Track online;
  • Get an SMS or call in case of any movement;
  • Due to nano size perfect to hide;


For details on the sim and examples of the app, refer to the page of the magnetic tracker for vehicles.

The app is the same. For example, in an app, you can track different trackers for two vehicles, your bike and something else that you want to protect.