a loud 120 db alarm in case of movement

We tested several solutions to protect your bike/moto:
-We  strongly believe in a smart alarm with a shock/movement sensor. Once armed it will give a very loud alarm with the slightest movement.  It's also very useful if your put your bike in the garage or garden shed. When someone tries to steal it you will hear it! With our adapter you can also connect it to a chain so you have 3 levels of security (disc lock + alarm + steel rope). 
-Next to this we are also selling a small GPS tracker for bikes. With a prepaid sim monthly costs will be limited. 
If you combine the two you have an excellent protection: If someone moves your bike their will be a loud 120 Db alarm and the shock alarm of the GPS tracker will warn you via SMS or call. And in the unlikely event the bike still get's stolen you can start tracking it with the GPS tracker.


Test by bikereview.com : Link
Motorbikewriter: Link

  • Built-in 120dB alarm system
  • Long battery life (> 6 months in normal use)
  • Water-proof electronics
  • Alarm on or off
  • 100% anti-rust
  • 6mm pin made of steel
  • 412 gr

Attach to the disc brakes of your MTB

Attach to the disc brakes of your moto.

Attach to your e-bike's spokes or disc brakes.

Secure your vespa

Protect your garden!

Close up of an alarm fixed on a bekaert gate