We are happy to sell products of the MI brand. This is probably a brand of which you have never heard of. It's however an excellent and fast growing brand.  It's often referred to as  "The Apple of the East".
You can read more info on following article of the Guardian and on internet.
We are sure that their products will also become a hit in Europe. It's great design combined with excellent quality and this at an acceptable price.  Watch this space!

"The reasonable design makes it easy to carry compared to its competitors. Price is really competitive looking at other available options. This is absolutely value for money."

Tweakers (5/5)
"Xiaomi komt met zijn Power Bank dicht bij de Apple Experience."

PC Advisor (4.5/5)
"Xiaomi's 10,000mAh Power Bank is een van de beste die we hebben gezien, en niet alleen in een lange tijd - ooit."

Reviews Junky (4.8/5)
 "Het ziet eruit als een Apple-product ... Kortom, dit is uitstekende waarde voor je geld en een product met uitstekende looks."

16.000 Mah power bank

Very powerful Powerbank. We tested and you can easily charge 4 times your empty iphone6. It also has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time or eg use the led light and charge your phone, tablet etc..

10.000 Mah power bank

This is a very portable small power bank. If you use this together with our innovative keychain you always have enough power and a cable at hand to charge your iPhone! This is the brand-new small power bank and replacing the older 10.400 one..

Is this an original MI power bank?

On internet you can read many articles about fake MI power banks are sold.
The best test is on the website of MI: mi.com/verify
Simply scratch the grey coating to find a 20-digit numeric code and enter it on the website with the check digits that are indicated: