How does it work?
3 easy steps:

  • Download app
  • Connect beacon with your phone (via app)
  • Attach to your items

Which communication technology is used?
iBeacon is the name for Apple’s technology standard, which allows Mobile Apps to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world.

The underlying communication technology is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Is iBeacon only running on Apple iOS devices? 
No. iBeacon is invented by Apple, but since it is based on BLE, it can be supported by other vendors or operating systems such as Android.

iBeacon compatible devices? 
Compatible with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3 or higher.

Do I need Bluetooth 4.0 on my smartphone?
Yes. Beacons require Bluetooth 4.0 LE to communicate with the app. Bluetooth need to be switched on.
Do beacons need batteries?
Yes. A cell battery (CR2032) is required for our beacon to work. One is pre-installed and another spare one is provided with every beacon. It’s easy to replace the batteries afterwards.

How is battery life? Is it expensive to replace?
This is excellent. And when empty it's easy to insert a new battery in the beacon. An extra one is provided and replacement batteries are very cheap: +/- 1,20 euro for 1.

Does the beacon need a sim card?
No. Communication happens via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You need to connect the beacon via bluetooth to your smartphone.

Does the beacon work outside the range of your smartphone?
No. You can only trace something within the range of the BLE.
If you want to track or follow something outside this range you need one of our other trackers that use a SIM card.
This is a good solution to keep things close to you (like phone, keys wallet, portable PC, …). In open spaces you can even control your children (eg on a playground if they get out the 100m range surrounding you will get a warning).

What is the range?
We did detailed testing on our beacons. Many beacons have a poor range and performance. We selected beacons that have an excellent workable range.
Indoors, you will see a range of 10 to 15m. This means that if you eg stay within a range of 15m of your keys, wallet… your phone or beacon will not issue an alert. Only outside this range you will get a warning if the beacon is activated. The only time we have seen a drop-off in range was when we would test behind concrete or metal walls.
Outdoor the range is 20 to 30m.

Is the Beacon water-resistant?
Yes our beacon is water resistant. For normal use this is sufficient. That being said, you canot submerge them fully in water.

You need more technical details on the beacon technology?
In that case we refer to following document published by Apple:
Getting started with Ibeacon”.