MI powerbank 16.000 Mah - with free cover

  • Powerful battery
  • 2 USB outputs
  • Easy to charge with USB cable
  • With a blue or white silicone cover for free. Best offer on the market!

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MI Powerbank 10.000 MAH with free cover !

  • Very compact, easy to carry in your pants or put in a handbag.
  • Energy for your phone or other devices when you need it.
  • 2 USB outputs
  • Easy to charge with USB cable
  • With a free cover ! Best offer on the market!

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iPhone design charging cable integrated in keychain

Heb altijd een kabel bij de hand om uw iPhone 5/6/7... te verbinden met de MI pokerbank of een computer! Lightning connector (voor iPhone 5/6).
Erg handig en altijd voldoende vermogen om Follow Fast te gebruiken. Ook een mooie sleutelhanger in combinatie met de beacon. Bescherm je sleutels en gebruik een mooie kleurrijke sleutelhanger.
Have a always a cable at hand to connect your iPhone 5/6 with the MI power bank or a computer! Lightening connection (for iPhone 5/6).

Very handy & always sufficient power to use Follow Fast !

10,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Dual USB car charger with stylish blue led

  • Charge your iPhone and the Mi power bank in your car.
  • Dual USB output
  • Blue led

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